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We only teach BOXING. We don’t have any other activities; we’re specialists. It’s not cardiobox, or body-combat, or fitboxing or anything of the sort. It is true boxing, traditional boxing as it has always been. You can learn to box very well and train like a professional.
No, under any circumstance. All our training sessions are 100% safe and will always be supervised by one of our instructors. You’ll train like a boxer and you will reap all the benefits without any injuries or pain. We teach NO-CONTACT boxing, designed for people who are not professionals or competitors, and who do not want to risk arriving to work the following day  with a black eye or, simply, don’t want to land any blows.
We do plenty of hitting, but only where we can: the heavy bags. In fact, many people who have been to traditional boxing clubs tell us that they have done more punching here in a week that in several months at their previous gyms.

Not at all! We have customers from 14 to 70 years’ old, in all types of physical shape and condition. Some of them have never practised a sport before, other have spent many years without exercising, or are very overweight, or suffer from a recent injury… Our training system is suitable for any age and physical condition, since each student can adapt the intensity to their individual conditions and, they will gradually obtain extraordinary results.

The best person to answer that questions is your doctor. There are many factors to be considered, such as the injury or ailment you have suffered, how long ago, the risk of relapse… In some cases, although very few, boxing training may be contraindicated. In any case, and always after listening to your specialist, you can always ask us any question you may have to this regard. We have gained plenty of experience thanks to attending and watching over hundreds of customers. We consider it a unforgivable failure for a customer to suffer an injury or aggravate an existing one.

Of course you can. Not only can you, but we believe it is the most logical thing to do. We will be more than happy for you to try a class, free of charge and without any commitment whatsoever. You just must bring comfortable clothes and shoes; we will lend you the gloves and hand wraps. If you have never done boxing before, we will teach you how to put on the hand wraps and an instructor will accompany you during that class to teach you the basics. If you already have experience… Let’s go! Come and see why FIGHTLAND is a different choice. Find the centre that best suits you and contact us.

We don’t want our classes to be overcrowded, so the maximum number of students per class is that of the number of punching bags we have in the centre (25, 30, 40…), so everyone has their own heavy bag. This is a fundamental difference compared to the existing boxing gyms, as they normally have a punching bag for everyone four or five students.
This depends to a great extent on your goals, but considering the intensity of our system, two days a week could be plenty to start with. In any case, you can always reduce or increase your days from one month to another.
Within the centre’s opening hours, you are free to choose the day and time you want to train, with the sole exception of Boxing Junior, which will always be given on fixed days and times. All we ask is that you book your class with the advanced
time we have set.

Of course. You can choose the package that best suits you for your group classes and, then, you can book your personal training sessions separately. Or if you prefer, you can choose only individual classes, on a pay-as-you-go basis or using a Pack of classes.

No, one of the great advantages of FIGHTLAND is that you pay for what you use. Regardless of the reason (travel, work, exams, holidays, illness… or if you’re just feeling a bit lazy!), you can stop coming to the gym without any problem for up to three months in a row.

You can pay for a single class whenever you decide to come. You can also buy a 10- class pack, at a better price than single classes, which will allow you to use them as you prefer. These packs have a one-year expiry, and are widely used as they provide full flexibility.

Each centre is independent from the rest, but if you are already a member of one centre you will have the advantage when going to another centre, as won’t have to pay for the inscription fee. However, you will have to register in the other centre you choose to attend, as you will need to book classes, and pay for a Pack, single class or any of the fees available.