“FIGHTLAND”, the land of fighting.

Our name defines us, because basically you come here to fight. Against what? Against overweight, boredom, stress, sedentary lifestyle and monotony; against your own limitations and those barriers you think you can’t beat… fight, ultimately, against the most formidable opponent that you can find: yourself.

We are a club for people who’s bored of traditional gyms. We are not a fitness center. Here you will not find last generation machines with digital displays, no videos, no loud music… if you want that, there are already a lot of low quality gyms (sorry! we meant low cost gyms). You spend too many hours at work and at home sitting in front of a screen, and it is absurd that you sit in front of another screen when you finally find some time to workout.

We do not have heart rate monitors; we don’t count miles, steps or calories you’ve supposedly burned. We use traditional measurement systems: your sweaty t-shirt after class, your clothes becoming looser, your more flexible and harder body, and the smile of satisfaction that you’ll have when you walk out the FIGHTLAND’s door.

However, we must warn you 

about  some almost assured

side  effects:


  • You will never want to go back to a “traditional” gym
  • You’re going to have to spend a fortune on your new size clothing
  • You will sleep at night like when you were a child
  • You will discover that you had no idea where your physical limit was

We firmly believe that boxing training is the best exercise out there, so we can guarantee that you will achieve the best physical shape of your life. Boxing is fun, healthy, addictive, effective and useful… although we hope you never have to verify this last point!

Here at FIGHTLAND we cannot make your life easier, but we can make you tougher.