Was so named as the majority of practitioners came from the so called white collar professions such as banking and law.

The story begins in the late 80s in the city of New York, where several business and Wall Street lawyers decided to train as professional boxers in the legendary Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn. The first organized fight was between the lawyer Richard Novak and Dr. in English Literature David Lawrence, who in front of a large audience consisting of colleagues, friends and family, fought a battle and then went on a dinner together. Shortly there were dozens of executives who wanted to experience the feeling of replacing their ties in the morning for boxing gloves at night.That’s how white collar boxing was born.

What began as an activity to get fit, lose weight and eliminate stress, , revealed as an extraordinary training system that also reduced tension and aggressiveness, channeled competitiveness excess and increased dramatically reaction time, confidence and concentration. .In no other activity business executives reached such a level of disconnection from their daily problems, completing their training with a sense of muscular effort and an adrenaline rush that allowed them to meet their workdays full of self-esteem..

Soon, matches began to be hosted everywhere in New York, Chicago and other US cities; then they spread to England where they became very popular. In 2005 New York State’s Athletic Commission decided to prohibit the holding of public White Collar Boxing fights, but not its workout which today represents more than 70% of the clientele of all boxing gyms in the East Coast and California.

These events still enjoy enormous popularity and diffusion in the UK, usually aimed at obtaining income to charity. Today it experiences its greatest growth in world’s leading financial centers like Hong Kong or Singapore.

The White Collar Boxing bouts have a different regulation than the professional boxing bouts: they are held in three rounds of two minutes, with one minute rest between each and contenders always fight with big gloves (16 oz), helmets, groin protectors and mouth guards. There’s usually no winner and no loser and usually there is a later event which frequently consists of a dinner for charity. The Boodles Boxing Ball recently organized a soiree in London, which collected 200,000 pounds and was attended by Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton.


FIGHTLAND were pioneers and the first in introducing the genuine and authentic White Collar Boxing in Spain, having organized several events following a common philosophy: non-professional participants, women and men, any previous experience in boxing bouts, with a good attitude and willing to work up a sweat… and always with the idea of non-profit. FIGHTLAND’s profit of the last combats have been entirely donated to the fight against ALS, in collaboration with FUNDELA (Spanish Foundation for the Promotion of Research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and the television networks INTERECONOMIA (program “Punto Pelota”) and AS TV.

Spain has yet to progress in specialized boxing training targeted specifically to those in white collar professions, executives, both women and men and, in general, for anyone who wants to feel the passion and rush of adrenaline from boxing. Nobody better than  FIGHTLAND’s team of professionals, who have fought on both fronts, as executives and as boxers, to fully and truely understand the meaning and philosophy behind this concept. FIGTHLAND – THE WHITE COLLAR BOXING CLUB is the place to be.