Fightland Training System ®

let us explain you the

fightland training system®

The classes last one hour, although we recommend you arrive 10 minutes before the start time, so you have enough time to change and put on your hand wraps.

We start the class with a very high intensity warm-up that lasts for about 10 minutes. This may include working with any of the elements in the gym: med balls, TRX straps, tensioners, races, burpees… and always jump rope.

We then move on to a block of specific boxing training, wearing the boxing gloves, where you will practise the different techniques that the instructors will explain each day: punches, defence positions, movements, punch combinations, dodges, blocks, etc.

Always followed by a fundamental block of heavy bag workout, comprised of high-intensity exercise that make this part of the class a true “fat burner”. Until to complete a round with the pads or with the “Strike Shield” (we’ll introduce you), or a Tabata on the bags, you won’t know what it is to feel really tired. Kayan, Hammer round, Hit & Go… these are some of the many exercises that are exclusive to the FIGHTLAND TRAINING SYSTEM®, which will make sure get into the best physical shape you’ve in all your life.

What are you waiting to try?

The last few minutes of the class will be spent mainly on doing some abs and stretching.

The classes are planned by the Sports Director, to ensure that all of the muscle groups are worked in a logical and comprehensive manner, and will be taught by one or two instructors, depending on the number of students. With the appropriate effort and intensity, a person can burn nearly 1,000 calories in a one-hour class.

Our exclusive system, added to a technical team made up by true professionals, make FIGHTLAND the ideal place to learn to box without risking any injury or blows.

There are two indispensable elements which any sport-related training requires, it must be FUN and EFFECTIVE. At FIGHTLAND we guarantee you’ll have both.