You can’t learn to box by reading books or studying manuals. There are no online courses to become a fighter. Our trainers have won their titles inside a ring or in authentic highly demanding instruction camps, in front of the most demanding examiners that you can imagine.

They have obtained their doctorates with honors based on hard work, on suffering hours and hours of grueling training, on giving, receiving and dodging blows, on falling and getting back up a hundred times.

They are not the typical coaches that sit down and count repetitions, or look and talk to you while you perform some absurd exercise a real boxer would never do. Their job is to prepare you physically, to teach you, to make you enjoy and get results. They are going to be your worst enemy in the gym and your best friend out of it.

But they have not only struggled in life with the gloves on… This is what you need to know about them:

César Barbosa Fightland

Founder and director of FIGHTLAND. Passionate about fighting and contact sports, he has practiced judo, full contact and boxing for many years. He was a rugby player, translator, scuba diver, green beret soldier in a Special Operations Company, commercial director, sellers trainer, and senior officer at a financial institution. He has worked and lived in the Persian Gulf and Central America. In his spare time he likes to ride horses, to read and to study classical Arabic. He’s a boxing monitor for the Spanish Boxing Federation, chiro-masseur, sports massage technician from the Spanish Federation of Gymnastics, has a degree in Law, a degree in Banking Management and Financial Advisory and European Financial Adviser.

Contact with César

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Telephone attention: 91 282 14 15

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José Luis Serrano Fightland

Founder and director of FIGHTLAND.He has been Spain’s boxing champion twice and five-time champion of the Community of Madrid. He participated in 114 fights, with a record of 102 wins, remaining unbeaten for five straight years. He has directed several financial institutions specializing in corporate banking. He started running eight years ago and has already participated in 14 marathons, and now is about to run his first very long distance race above 100 km. He is national coach for the Spanish Boxing Federation, international referee, nutritionist, level 1 CrossFit trainer, level 1 TRX Trainer, has a degree in Business Science, has a diploma in Finance and Banking Management.

Contact with José Luis

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Telephone attention: 91 282 14 15

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We are located in the center of Madrid, in Chamberí neighborhood, on General Álvarez de Castro Street, few minutes away from several metro and bus lines.

FIGHTLAND has an area of 4.300 square feet where you’ll find the world’s best punching bags, professional boxing equipment, a ring and everything you need to carry out your most demanding training.

Spacious and comfortable changing rooms with individual lockers, showers equipped with hair gel, hair dryer, etc., so you can go straight back to work after training if you need to.

On the reception you will find a store where you’ll be able to buy top quality gloves and handwraps, t-shirts, technical clothing and sports apparel.

We have an excellent osteopathy and massage room, for both our clients and anyone interested. Ask us about prices and treatments.