entrenamiento funcional boxeo



How do you think you burn more calories? By running on a treadmill for half an hour while you watch the TV, or being in front of a bull for 30 seconds? Adrenaline is awesome… it keeps you young, makes you strong, it sharpens your mind and releases than inner strength we all inside. If we add the removal of body fat, increased muscle mass and improved cardiovascular function, the advantages of high intensity training are evident.

In boxing training all of the human body’s muscle groups are involved with an intense endurance, strength, power and speed workout, both in the lower and upper body, with special emphasis on the abdominal area. The development of explosive strength  and the intermittent characteristics of high intensity exercise (three minutes of activity with one minute of rest, replicating times in a boxing match) are an ideal combination for muscle strengthening and fat loss.

It has a number of indisputable and widely contrasted benefits, both physical and psychological. We can highlight these:

  • It is a great catalyst of energy and emotions, which are discharged thru punches, releasing tension and stress.
  • Intense workout produces endorphins that cause sensations of strength and wellbeing.
  • Increases self-esteem, confidence and gets rid of complexes.
  • It improves agility, reflexes, coordination and balance.
  • It improves your aerobic capacity and increases the pulmonary ventilation volume, reducing blood pressure and the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease.
  • Combination of aerobic and anaerobic workout helps with muscle definition and fat loss; you can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour of intense workout.

It is a particularly interesting training for women, because it increases bone density, quickly solves the problem of sagging arms, it molds shoulders, helps keep your chest up, refines waist, reduces cellulite and greatly tightens abdomen, buttocks and legs.

Are you going to receive punches at FIGHTLAND? No, under no circumstances. All our trainings are 100% safe and will always be supervised by one of our coaches. You will train like a boxer and will obtain all the benefits without pain or injuries.

What do you need?

FIGHTLAND is a gym, not a fashion catwalk. Bring comfortable and breathable clothes, that allow you to move you freely. If you don’t end up all soaked in sweat, you can consider we did something wrong, so bringing a small towel can also be handy.

Proper footwear is important, but it doesn’t have to be traditional boxing boots. Any sneaker will work, but better if the sole is not too rigid.

You don’t need a mouth guard; nobody is going to punch you in the face. Neither should you bring a rope, headgear or protection of any kind. If the time comes and you want to use the gloves, we will provide you the best stuff there is.

There are two indispensable things:

  • Handwraps: You should never punch the heavy bag or the other equipment without protecting your hands and the wrist articulation. Using handwraps you’ll avoid injuries; although they are virtually never serious, they can be annoying and take some time to disappear. The first day we will teach you how wrap your hands like a boxer.
  • Boxing gloves:They are essential for training and it is important they are good quality ones. There is no significant difference in price between good leather gloves that can last for years protecting your hand, compared to cheaper imitation leather or plastic gloves. They will last less, will deteriorate and get smelly… not worth it. If you already have boxing gloves, bring your own; if not, let us give you advice before buying a pair.

Here at FIGHTLAND you can buy hand wraps and boxing gloves of exceptional quality, at a more competitive price than any sports or online store.

What are the classes like?

Classes are an hour long, but we suggest you arrive ten minutes before start time, so you have time to change clothes and wrap your hands up.

We begin with a very intense 15 minute warm up which may include using medicine balls, TRX straps, doing burpees, jogging and rope skipping, of course. Then we start with the specific boxing training: shadow boxing, hitting the heavy bag, work in pairs, speed balls, dodging, etc. Until you work around with the punch mitts or the “governor”, you will not know what it is to feel really tired.

The last few minutes of class are dedicated primarily to exercise your abs, other muscles with specific exercises (dips, squats) and stretching.

There are two essential requirements that any training, no matter the sport, should have: to be FUN and EFFECTIVE. In FIGHTLAND we guarantee both.