There are three types of fighters: professionals, amateurs and everybody else. FIGHTLAND is the “everybody else” club.

Here you will find students, doctors, housewives, lawyers, police officers, officials, salesmen… men and women who want to train like boxers but without getting up the next day with a black eye. People wanting to work hard, to have fun and get the mind and body of a fighter, regardless of age or current fitness level.

We have special “Junior Boxing” classes for boys and girls between 12 and 16. A particularly beneficial workout for them: they discharge energy and negative emotions, strengthen their bodies and acquire discipline; they gain confidence and self-esteem, it helps them avoid future overweight problems, they learn to like sport in an environment of demand and fun… and they are kept away from mobile phones and other gadgets for at least one hour!

If you want to know how our fighters look likes, do a quick test: stop reading this on the screen, get up and find the closest mirror. Look in it, clench your fists and put them up in front of you… there you have a fighter.